Welcome to my page where I document and share everything I’m learning about data science and visualization in the new Web3 Data Economy with R, Python, SQL and more.

Paul Apivat Hanvongse

Paul Apivat Hanvongse

Self-Employed | Getwyze

Adjunct | Thammasat University


I am exploring the intersection of writing, data and code. I seek to use data to better understand the world, Web3 and decentralized applications.

I write atomic essays to explore ideas. My writings can also be found on Medium, Quora, dev.to, Hashnode and Notion

I can provide services in data cleaning, analysis and visualizations.

I started in organizational psychology and have branched out to data science. For daily updates on my data science journey, find me on Twitter.


  • Visualization & Data Science
  • R and Python programming
  • Permissionless and Censorship Resistant Technologies


  • Advanced Data Science (R), 2020

    Business Science University

  • R Statistical Computing / Data Visualization, 2020


  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, 2019

    Self-Taught / Lambda School

  • PhD in Social-Organizational Psychology, 2014

    Teachers College, Columbia University



Wharton People Analytics Data Visualization Competition 2020

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Recent Posts

Online Writing: Medium | Notion | Quora | Hashnode | dev.to | getwyze

Pad Thai is a Terrible Choice

Using R and Python to scrape, pre-process, wrangle and visualize data.

The More a Network is Worth, the Harder it is to Attack

Using R and Python to read, pre-process, wrangle and visualize data.


Data Visualization Competition 2020

Data Visualization Competition 2nd Place Winner
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R Programming

Programming in R and using it for effective data analysis
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