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Current: Data @ Exponent

Helping crypto-natives separate signal from noise using large language models. As a contributor to LlamaRisk, I conduct risk analysis and investigations on protocols looking to integrate into Curve. Hangouts: Dune, Llama Risk, MetricsDAO, Curve, Frax, Convex.

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Core contributor at Bankless DAO ( POAPs), providing insights through on- and off-chain data (see below).

Founding member of our Analytics Guild, helping secure initial funding and governance structures. My colleagues and I built an in-house analytics platform called DAO Dash to provide insights on engagement, community health and governance.

I contributed growth and usage metrics to the BanklessDAO Bounty Board while sharing insights with the broader community through forum posts.

I wrote about my journey to web3 data here.

On-Chain Data

Off-Chain Data

Data Pipelines

See my past data visualizations and writings on Medium, Quora, and Hashnode.

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  • Onchain Data, DS/ML
  • Python, SQL
  • Ethereum, DeFi

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Online Writing: Medium | Quora | Hashnode | | Notion

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