Paul Apivat

Paul Apivat

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Enabling capital, coordination and culture on Web3 through on- and off-chain data.


Core contributor at Bankless DAO ( POAPs). We’re creating infrastructure with DAO Dash to enable data insights for Guilds and Projects at Bankless DAO. I’m also part of the Bounty Board team working to coordinate talent and capital.

I work primarily in the Analytics and Developer’s Guild to support other guilds including Education, Treasury, Marketing, Writing and Operations (see our Notion).

On-Chain Data

Off-Chain Data

I also enjoy visualizing data.

Past writings can be found on Medium, Quora,, Hashnode and Notion.

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  • Data Analytics and Visualization
  • SQL, Python, R
  • Ethereum, Web3, Bitcoin


  • Data and Web technologies, 2018 - present


  • Organizational Psychology (phd), 2014

    Teachers College, Columbia University

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