Ribbon Finance Aave Theta Vault

A case study

I wanted to explore deposits and withdraws from the AAVE Theta Covered Call Vault at Ribbon Finance.

aave vault frontend

I am specifically trying to query the Current Vault Deposits number (5725.12 AAVE in the screenshot take above).

Here was my workflow:

First, grab the smart contract address for this vault: 0xe63151A0Ed4e5fafdc951D877102cf0977Abd365

check on etherscan:

aave theta etherscan

Second, check to see if this contract has been decoded:

aave contract decoded

It has been decoded at the following table: ribbon.RibbonThetaVault.

Third, run simple queries using the provided table name filtering for this contract:

aave theta sample queries

I ran 4 queries filtering for the 0xe63151A0Ed4e5fafdc951D877102cf0977Abd365 contract address (Aave Theta Vault). Since I was interested in deposits and withdraws that’s where I started.

Question: If interested in deposits/withdraws from a smart contract, is it safe to assume either:

  • ‘contractname_call_deposit’,
  • ‘contractname_call_withdraw’,
  • ‘contractname_evt_deposit’,
  • ‘contractname_evt_withdraw’

would be a good place to start?

Out of the four tables, only ribbon."RibbonThetaVault_call_deposit" turned up any results.

Because I would need both deposits and withdraws, and only “_call_deposit” is returning any results, I am going to try an alternative abstraction table:

  • erc20."ERC20_evt_Transfer"

Since we are interested in deposits and withdrawals from the Ribbon Aave Theta Vault the erc20.ERC20_evt_Transfer table can be filtered for transactions “to”” (deposit) and “from” (withdrawal) the vault address.

To recap, the addresses involved are:

  • the T-AAVE-C Vault contract 0xe63151A0Ed4e5fafdc951D877102cf0977Abd365 (same as rAAVE-THETA Token)

  • AAVE Token address: 0x7Fc66500c84A76Ad7e9c93437bFc5Ac33E2DDaE9 (users of the vault need to deposit AAVE Tokens)

Here’s a sample query integrating these two addresses:

WITH total_aave_vault_txns AS (
    value/10^18 AS aave_amt,
FROM erc20."ERC20_evt_Transfer"
WHERE contract_address = '\x7Fc66500c84A76Ad7e9c93437bFc5Ac33E2DDaE9'
AND "to" = '\xe63151A0Ed4e5fafdc951D877102cf0977Abd365'


    -value/10^18 AS aave_amt,
FROM erc20."ERC20_evt_Transfer"
WHERE contract_address = '\x7Fc66500c84A76Ad7e9c93437bFc5Ac33E2DDaE9'
AND "from" = '\xe63151A0Ed4e5fafdc951D877102cf0977Abd365'
    SUM(aave_amt)  -- 254.806773340645
FROM total_aave_vault_txns 

This query yields the same number as Aave Token contained in the contract’s wallet, which is 254.806773340645 at the time of this writing.

aave vault wallet

This is fine, but not what I’m looking for 😢

Rather than the amount of AAVE token in the contract’s wallet (~254), I’m looking to see how many AAVE tokens users have deposited in the vault (~5725), so now I’m going to dig into the contract.

Exploring the Contract Code

I search and found Ribbon Finance V2’s Vault repo, which contains code for their most updated vaults. While some vaults, like stETH and Yearn, have their own folders, the Aave Theta vault does not so I navigate to “BaseVaults” to see solidity code for RibbonThetaVault.sol, which is the same contract name I found when checking to see if the 0xe63151A0Ed4e5fafdc951D877102cf0977Abd365 (Aave Theta vault) had been decoded (see above).

I looked through two files in the BaseVaults:

  • RibbonThetaVault.sol
  • base/RibbonVault.sol

I start with RibbonThetaVault.sol as this matches the table name in Dune when checking if the contract address had been decoded. I ran a search for “deposit” and “withdraw” and found the following:

  • OpenShort
  • CloseShort

aave vault open close short

I created the following query in Dune to see if this could get me closer to the desired “Current Vault Deposits”:

WITH deposit_withdraw AS (
    "depositAmount"/10^18 AS aave_amt,
FROM ribbon."RibbonThetaVault_evt_OpenShort"
WHERE contract_address = '\xe63151A0Ed4e5fafdc951D877102cf0977Abd365'


    -"withdrawAmount"/10^18 AS aave_amt,
FROM ribbon."RibbonThetaVault_evt_CloseShort"
WHERE contract_address = '\xe63151A0Ed4e5fafdc951D877102cf0977Abd365'
FROM deposit_withdraw
ORDER BY evt_block_time DESC

This query did manage to get Vault Activity:



Getting closer, but not quite there yet. I did notice one interesting descriptor in the RibbonThetaVault code on line 24:

RibbonThetaVault should not inherit from any other contract aside from RibbonVault, RibbonThetaVaultStorage

Within the same directory, I’m now looking at RibbonVault.sol and I see a “Deposit & Withdraws” section,


with the following events emit:

  • emit Deposit(creditor, amount, currentRound);
  • emit InitiateWithdraw(msg.sender, numShares, currentRound);
  • emit Withdraw(msg.sender, withdrawAmount, withdrawalShares);
  • emit Redeem(msg.sender, numShares, depositReceipt.round);

This leads me back to where we started, both Deposit and Withdraw events did not yield results when filtering for the AAVE Theta Vault contract address, while InitiateWithdraw and Redeem did.

For context, I had previously tried joining erc20."ERC20_evt_Transfer" and ethereum."logs" to produce a slower query, but that did not get me the desired ‘Current Vault Deposit’ figure either.

If you’d like help with on-chain analysis, please get in touch.

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